December 11, 2015

How to Maintain Your Countertop Dishwasher Performance

All the dishwasher, as well as countertop models are usually protected with a 1 to 2 year official warranty. If damage occurs during the warranty period due to the problems of the manufacturer, the repair will be done free of charge. When you are currently using a dishwasher with stainless steel that has been equipped with the Energy Star label, the risk of damage probably never going to happen. Because products with stainless steel tubs usually have better durability when compared with plastic material products.

After making the use of more than two years there are some consumers who complained about the performance of the dishwasher that they use. They may begin to feel a decrease in the performance of the machine itself, and get the cleaning results are unsatisfactory. Most of those who experienced this problem and have quite a lot of money, usually choosing a solution to replace their old dishwasher with a new one.

How to Maintain Your Countertop Dishwasher Performance

But on the other hand, we also may have read comments from customers who are already using the dishwasher more than 3 to 4 years and did not experience any problems. Theirs dishwasher, still works perfectly and gives a very satisfactory cleaning results. So what makes these consumers can use the countertop dishwasher in a long period of time and even longer than the warranty period ? There are many factors that can be used as a reference to answer this question. In addition because they bought a best countertop dishwasher, perhaps they also always do the following tips when using the dishwasher:

Before they start washing dishes : 

They're installing and connecting the dishwasher countertop in accordance with these guidelines. Through these guidelines, they can find out how much height is needed to perform the installation of the product, and find out how the standard voltage of the product, and they also know how much pressure the water needed by a compact dishwasher size.

Before all the dishes actually inserted into the dishwasher rack, they always clean up leftover food left on the plate, and arranging all the dishes and eating utensils in accordance with the terms set place settings.

Each countertop dishwasher is usually supported with 6 standard place settings this means, this product can only accommodate 6 bowls, 6 small plates, 6 large plates, 6 cups, and 6 sets of cutlery. They always make the filling or storage of all plates in accordance with the requirements of capacity, and never do excessive load.

They always use detergent specifically designed only for a dishwasher. Use detergents that do not fit or detergents commonly used when washing dishes by hand, will make all suds out of the vent door of the dishwasher.

They always choose the appropriate washing program. Washing the dishes lightly, preferably using a normal cycle, while washing the dishes with heavy scale should use heavy cycle.

They never enter the dishes and eating utensils are not designed for a dishwasher, into the dishwasher.

They also always check the rinse aid dispenser, and make the filling rinse aid agent regularly according to the amount needed.

During countertop dishwasher is running :

When they have a plan to change the washing program, they make changes in accordance with the instructions correctly. Every dishwasher is equipped with the start / pause. To make changes to the cycle make sure you press the button first. This button allows you to change the cycle safely, and when you want to add or insert plates were left behind, when the start / pause has been pressed, you can open the door, and the machine will be completely stopped. The dishwasher will run in accordance with the choice of a new cycle, after the doors closed in less than 10 minutes.

A dishwasher is already running in a short time, detergent may have started in the stream and the water has entered into the tube. So it is very important for you to recharge detergent again.  

When finished washing :

After washing completely finished, before they actually opened the door of the dishwasher, they always press the on / off first. After that close the main source of water flow to the engine. And then begin to open the dishwasher door.

Once the doors open, they also will let the dishwasher in a few minutes before they actually move all the plates and cutlery are already finished washing the storage area. This will make the air circulation is going well and let all the cold plate back after exposure to hot water, this action also serves to eliminate odors.

They also know how to disconneting a dishwasher properly and perform 6 step by step as follows:

1. Closing the source of the flow of water from the kitchen faucet.
2. Revoke or disconnect the power cable from the main power source. 
3. Remember to release the water pressure inside the inlet hose. 
4. The inlet hose is pressured when the water supply is opened, even if closed immediately.
5. To release pressure : press and hold the red pressure relief button on the quick-connect assembly until the flow of water stop. 
6. Disconnect the quick-connect hose assembly by pulling down on the outer locking collar, thus releasing it from the faucet adapter.  

Do you also do the same as the above tips when using your dishwasher ? Doing proper usage can give you many benefits, in addition to making the dishwasher you still have a powerful performance. Usage is done by following the instructions would make the product more durable. Make sure you read the product manual, before actually using the product.