January 01, 2018

Edgestar Countertop Dishwasher Product Reviews

Edgestar Countertop Dishwasher Product Reviews - Edgestar is one of the most recommended brand. And here we will review one of the latest products offered by these companies in more detail. So, for those of you who have plans to buy a dishwasher that is perfect for your kitchen countertop at the beginning of 2018, make sure you choose DWP61ES series.

Before you read the full review of  Edgestar countertop dishwasher in detail, may be some of you are interested to know the reasons why I chose DWP61ES silver ? Read Why !!  

  1. This series offers more features.
  2. It is dishwasher compact with a low decibel score.
  3. It is one of the best portable purifier very user friendly, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient.
  4. Some of the largest online stores such as Amazon, Living Direct, and BestBuy provide 4.5 to 5 star rating for this series.  

And please finish reading some comments from customers who are already using the Edgestar countertop dishwasher product.

A consumer verified named kathleen e. quinn, publish experiences after buying Edgestar 6 in the Amazon in January 2018. "This compact dishwasher is perfect for a small family." During the use of this product she did not find the problem. This tool still offers excellent performance as new, and very easy to maintain. She said that her did not find a lot of trouble for doing interior, filter and spray arm cleaning. Stainless steel tube is also odorless and very easy to clean. 

Comments from consumers singles named David, he was published this experiences since March 2012 in the Amazon comments field. Until now Edgestar DWP61ES is one of the best small appliances he ever bought. Compared with his old full-sized dishwasher, this compact size provides twice the cleaning results better, not noisy, and uses less water. 

Are you interested to read all of the consumer experience that already use this portable appliances ? Please read more review.

Edgestar Countertop Dishwasher Product Reviews
Edgestar Countertop Dishwasher DWP61ES Series

So now you are really getting interested to buy this product? before you actually make a deal, we will invite you to take a closer look Edgestar countertop dishwasher.

DWP61ES Compact Dishwasher Overall Dimensions

With a total overall dimensions are 17-3 / 16 "H x 21-11 / 16" W x 19-11 / 16 "D, this tool is perfect for a flat surface placed at a height of 17-inch range. And suitable for all kitchen cabinets. this product does not require permanent installation, and very easy to be connected with a kitchen faucet quickly.

For portable class, this is a perfectly proportioned size. Compared with other standard models, Edgestar DWP61ES dishwasher have a broader capacity. You can enter all the dishes and cutlery into 6 place settings, and this model also provides a silverware basket for extra storage.

Powered safety features and Delay Start !!

The presence of some of the advanced features on Edgestar DWP61ES series not only make this compact dishwasher more easier to use, but also will make you and those around you become more secure. To prevent the risk of damage and injury to the child, you can use the child lock feature that is attached to this product at any time. While the Delay Start feature, lets you do the washing with the schedule you want. This is a special feature that may not be found in other models.

Quality and durable tube

Almost the same as some other best countertop dishwasher brand, DWP61ES is one of a new Edgestar model that has been supported by a stainless steel tube. This is the best type of tube after plastic tube. The tube is resistant to oil stains, grease, and all the dirt concentrated so that the anti-rust and anti-bacterial.

By using stainless steel tube, the tube can muffle the sound better and retain heat longer. So it is good to speed up the drying process, and reduce noise during Edgestar operated.

LED screen and super sensitive electronic control buttons

Some consumers have never had a serious problem, when their products are not equipped with an LED display. They do not know when the washing process is completely finished. Edgesar has been supported by a small LED, and integrated super-sensitive buttons. LED will help you to determine how long it takes from a washing cycle is selected. Compared with physical buttons, button electronic control over have a high degree of sensitivity, making it easy to access.

Six Wash Cycles

This will take you to a more memorable experience during washing with Edgestar DWP61ES small dishwasher. Compared with the standard size, this model is supported by washing programs are more varied. There are six cycles that can be selected, namely heavy, normal, light, glass, speed and soak. Heavy cycle lets you do the washing with hot water at a temperature of 149 degrees Fahrenheit. As for washing with normal cycle, only requires 3.5 gallons of water. This is 20% more efficient than washing by hand.

Edgestar 6 Place Setting Dishwasher Price Comparison

The Edgestar DWP61ES 6 place setting dishwasher is available on the Edgestar website for $389.99 but you really shouldn’t be paying any more than $220 for this dishwasher. The cheapest we have seen it is on Amazon who consistently sell this drill for under $250.

What's included : 
  • A new countertop dishwasher 
  • 5 foot hose 
  • faucet adapter 
  • drain hose
  • inlet hose 

Edgestar Tabletop Dishwasher Competitor : 

Edgestar countertop dishwasher DWP61ES will be a tough competitor for the SPT and Danby. These are two well-known American brand that also offers a small dishwasher with high portability that is perfect for all consumers with super fast lifestyle. But DDW611WLED and SD2201 series is not equipped with child safety features.