October 30, 2018

Want to Buy A Best Dishwasher at Costco ? Here's Guides

Want to Buy A Best Dishwasher at Costco ? Here's Guides - 2018 is a great year for us. Most people, including myself usually have new dreams and start designing a strategy or plan to really achieve all the dreams in this year. What is your biggest dream? if giving a special gift for mom or wife on her birthday this year is your biggest dream, then you can choose to buy a new dishwasher as a special gift for them.

If you agree and feel this is a new idea that you have never done before, so to help you to meet this dream with ease, and can find a new best dishwasher easily please finish reading my free exclusive guide.

Want to Buy a Best Dishwasher at Costco  Read this Guides

What is a dishwasher ? 

The dishwasher is one of the modern household appliance that is the best solution for all the problems experienced by the majority of consumers as long as they do washing dishes manually. Because the tool is able to wash all the dishes and cutlery in a small to heavy cleaning in a fast time, this product could eventually accepted by many consumers and popular. Throughout the year 2018, Wikipedia has recorded more than 50% of the population in the United States and Europe already use a dishwasher. There are many options dishwasher models supplied by the manufacturer in 2018. The product is also easy to be obtained either through a regular store or online store, so it makes every consumer in the world can easily make choices that suit their needs and budget.

Selection of the type of dishwasher

Countertop type : This is one of the most basic types are also commonly known as a compact dishwasher that most have a maximum size of 17 inches high, 21 inches depth, and 19 inches wide. This product is not equipped with wheels and designed to be able to put it on the kitchen counter top, and can be integrated quickly and easily to the faucet. Most countertop dishwasher is supported by one rack as the main storage, one cupshelf, a silverware basket, and one spray arm. This product price around $ 200 to $ 300.

This means, the type of countertop dishwasher is designed for small to medium cleaning scale. Most users can enter all the dirty dishes and eating utensils into 6 place settings. The type is very suitable for use by a single, or a small family, who live in a rented house or apartment. Type of counter top is also commonly known as a office or RV’s dishwasher.

Portable type: This is one of the basic types that come with a higher tub and is equipped with a wheel at the bottom. Most portable dishwashers usually have two racks, two spray arm, and silverware basket. This product price range from $ 400 to $ 800.

All wheels at the bottom serves to make these products can be moved to any place with ease. Almost the same as the type of countertop, dishwasher portable type also can be quickly connected to the main water source, and do not require permanent installation. This means, this tool is also designed for all consumers who live in a rented house, or in an apartment, where they do not have enough room to use an integrated dishwasher. Because, having a larger size than the type of countertop, then the portable dishwasher is suitable for use by a family with three people.

Semi-integrated: This is the medium type, which usually have a size slightly higher and wider than the portable type. But the semi-integrated dishwasher require permanent installation, and offered at a price of about $ 700 to $ 900.

Unlike the two previous types, semi integrated dishwasher requires permanent installation, and this type is perfect for a home that has a large kitchen space. This type offers more storage, usually equipped with three shelves that can be adjusted, while the two spray arm, silverware basket also remain attached to this product. This is perfect for a family with more than 5 people.

Fully integrated: If the type of semi-integrated still putting all the control buttons on the outside position at the top of the door, for this type, all the buttons are hidden inside above the door, and just put the handle on the outside. That is the reason why the product is called the fully integrated.

Powered by the most complete specifications, more responsive control system, and some advanced features, fully integrated dishwasher is one of the premium type offered at prices ranging from $900 up to $1,000. Besides presenting for a large family, this type is also very suitable for use in several companies such as hotels and restaurants.

What is the best dishwasher ?

You already know what it is actually the dishwasher, but here I try to invite you to know the definition of a best dishwasher. Because you will make this product be a exclusive gift for a special person, right?

In my opinion, the best dishwasher is one of the products that meet the Energy Star requirements, supported using a stainless steel tub, get a score below 60 dBA, made by the best brands, and of course the price is cheap.

Do you agree with my opinion? if not, please tell your opinion in the comments field available below this post, but if you agree, please continue reading, because here I will give some explanation of this opinion.

The advantage of using the Energy Star dishwasher

Energy Star is one of the certifications for all products to be marketed to the consumer. In addition to the United States and Europe, these requirements began to be used by some other countries. This certification is made by the institution known as the EPA. Before actually sold to consumers, any product which has been equipped with the Energy Star label, already passed the verification process or energy standard tests conducted by the EPA.

And if a product cannot meet the EPA requirements, then the product will not get this prestigious label. Please read more about the Energy Star through this site.

Energy Star dishwasher offers many advantages for each user. Products with energy star label certainly be more energy efficient and very environmentally friendly. By using Energy Star dishwasher, you can save more than 4,000 gallons of water per year, the electricity bill is less than $ 40, and the most interesting is, in comparison to wash manually, do washing the dishes with a Energy star dishwasher allows you to save more than 200 hours per year.

The advantage of using the dishwasher with stainless steel tub

There are many advantages that you can get when you use a dishwasher with stainless steel tub. One of them is that it allows you do the washing with water at high temperatures, so that a maximum cleaning results and make all the dishes and eating utensils completely free of bacteria.

Based on excerpts from the article titled "4 Advantages of Using the Countertop Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub" published by affield.com, we can know that the stainless steel tub can hold heat longer than the plastic tub, so as to make the dishwasher can save more of 20% of energy, when the drying process.

Dishwasher with under 60 dBA scores

dBA or Decibel Rate is a special score to measure the noise level of a product, the majority of the dishwasher usually has a number of different scores, and any product that has a low dBA scores also has a low noise level. As for products with a score below 50 dBA, usually inserted into the category of the quietest dishwasher.

One major advantage of using the quietest dishwasher, you will not be disturbed by the noise when the product is operated, so you can still feel comfortable being around the kitchen. And you also do not need to worry to run the washing at night, you can rest and relax, and let the machine work in accordance with your wishes.

Guide to purchase the best dishwasher at Costco

There are many easy ways to choose to really get your favorite washing machine. One way is to make a purchase over the internet. It is one of the most efficient ways in 2018, and the majority of consumers with super fast lifestyle love this way. Are you also going to choose this way to buy a special gift of your dreams? If yes, make sure you shop at Costco.

About Costco
Not only popular for consumers in the United States, Canada, England and Mexico, By having an experience of more than 25 years, Costco is eventually completely known by all consumers worldwide.

Interesting facts from the history of Costco

  • The beginning of the company name is the Price Club, and opened the first office in 1976 in Morena Boulevard, San Diego.

  • The first Costco Warehouse was opened in Seattle in 1983, and became the first company that achieve sales growth from 0 up to $ 3 billion in just six years.

  • Merger Price Club and Costco conducted in 1993, and under the name of Price Costco, the company has sales reached $ 16 billion per year.

  • Summarizing name to Costco conducted in 1997. Since use the name, the Costco has grown worldwide with fiscal revenues reached $ 64 billion.

After knowing all these facts, a question came to my mind, What are the factors that make Costco can make a big leap quickly?

I finally found the answer after knowing the vision of Costco. The Costco company is not just talking about the profit for their company. Costco really committed to making all members and consumers get the best price offers from all branded and quality products. Until now Costco also never stopped responding to all requests of consumers who need quality products to continue to search for products with a high degree of efficiency, so as to provide the best price quote.

Why shop at Costco ?

If you are one of the members of Costco, then I'm sure there are many answers to that question. However, if you are not a member, Here's the answer.

Costco offers three membership options. namely the type of business, gold star, and Exclusive membership. You can be joined as a member in a way that is very easy, once you do the filing of the application as a member of Costco, the company will send you a membership card within 7 to 10 days to your address.

When you are not satisfied with the services of the company or products offered, you can request a membership fee in full. And Costco will serve a refund anytime.

Costco also gives full guarantee within 90 days at more than 7 products available. If you are not satisfied with the product you purchased, you may request a full refund to the Costco.

Choices top brands of dishwasher are available at Costco

So now you know at a glance about Costco. And now let's go back to discuss about the gifts would you give to someone you love. For all members who are planning to buy a dishwasher, Costco provides more than 10 best dishwasher series, from 4 leading brands namely whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, LG. All series are offered in two types: Semi-integrated and fully integrated.

About Whirlpool
It is one of the well-known US company that became one of the leaders in the marketing of equipment and household accessories that are most needed by all consumers around the world as well as all consumers in the United States. In 2013 this company gained sales reached $ 19 billion.


  • Has more than 50000 employees worldwide.
  • Has more than 20000 employees in the United States.
  • Has more than 50 manufacturing and technology research centers.
  • All Whrilpol products available in more than 100 countries.

Award :

  • Top 25 Most Reputable U.S. Companies
  • Source: Forbes and Reputation Institute
  • World's Most Admired Company
  • Source: Fortune Magazine

Whirlpool dishwashers

"Whirlpool dishwashers do your dishes right the first time, so you can take a load off every time. The adjustable upper rack adjusts to fit tall items. And smart features like the Sensor Cycle know how much water each load requires, while others target baked-on foods and hard-to-clean utensils virtually eliminating the need to prewash and rewash."

About Maytag 
It is one of America's brand or company has a commitment to provide a durable product. Maytag ensure that every product they already marketed in accordance with the requirements required by the Americans. Ie products that can offer the best performance, strong and durable.

Key :

  • 10 Year Limited Parts Warranty. 
  • 30 Day QUIET Guarntee.
  • Annual sales reached more than $ 18 billion in 2011.
  • 68,000 employees, and 66 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world.

Award :

  • Earns High Front Load Washer Ratings 
  • source : PRNewswire

Maytag dishwashers 
"All Kinds of Dishwashers. One Kind of Dependable"  Maytag offers the best of five series, and all of the series certainly is compliant with the tagline.

About Amana 
Established since 1934 by George Foerstner, Amana is a brand of the United States based in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Being in the shade Whirlpool, Amana also becomes one of the influential leaders in the market all household goods.

Through a few simple steps, the company always strives to provide the best household products that have a major impact for each customer, their wallet and their environment.

Key :

  • Producing an energy-efficient products and environmentally friendly and affordable.

Amana dishwashers
All Amana dishwasher is designed with a proportional size and perfect for all kitchen cabinets, integrated with advanced features, and meet the standards of most of the household voltage in the United States.

About LG
It is one of the leading electronic companies from outside the United States are based in Seoul, South Korea, and began to be established in 1947. It has more than 60 years experience, now largely LG products already marketed in several areas, namely: Europe, North America, Central America and South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and many more.

Key :

  • "LG‘s products come equipped with values, promise, benefits, and personality"
  • LG control 112 operations including 81 subsidiaries worldwide, with roughly 84,000 executives and employees.

Award :

  • LG Washing Machine acquired the Green Product Mark.
  • Certification by TUV Rheinland Group, Germany
  • LG product models received 15 Innovations Awards at the
  • International CES 2014 
  • by U.S. Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)

Top 3 best dishwasher at Costco that I recommend

After reviewing the entire new dishwasher available at Costco, I was finally able to determine the three products that really can be included in the best category. I make an assessment based on three important considerations that I mentioned earlier. Let's look more closely at all the best dishwasher series that I recommend to you.

1. Whirlpool Gold WDT920SADE Series Black 
It is one of the best series for all consumers who are looking for a product outside of the existing standard colors. Whirlpool Gold Series WDT920SADE, is one of the fully integrated dishwasher black gets a little touch of stainless steel on the handle. Simple but luxurious, black is one of the neutral colors that can be combined with any interior color.

Whirlpool Gold WDT920SADE Dishwasher Picture & Quick Specs :

Whirlpool Gold WDT920SADE Series Black

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Decibel Level: 46
  • 16 standard place settings
  • 5 wash cycles  

2. Maytag MDB8969SDH Fully Integrated Dishwasher 
One that I most remember about Maytag, is a feature known as Mytag Jet Clean System. This is one feature that is installed on most Maytag dishwasher latest series. This feature consists of several parts: the best-powered motor, and 4 blade stainless steel chopper. All of these components work to provide cleaning results twice as good when compared to other brands. Motor will squirt water jet pressure quickly to all the surface of the plate and clean the rest of the food on the plate or on the silver gear with ease. And residual or leftover food particles such as bones, can be easily chopped by 4 stainless steel blades.

Maytag MDB8969SDH Full Integrated Dishwasher Picture & Quick Specs : 
Maytag MDB8969SDH Fully Integrated Dishwasher

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Decibel Level: 47
  • 16 standard place settings
  • 5 wash cycles  
3. Maytag MDB4949SDM Semi Integrated Dishwasher 
It is one of my favorite dishwasher. MDB4949SDM series is one of the best Maytag semi integrated dishwasher that is suitable for all customers who need quality products at affordable prices. Offered at a price below $ 600 at Costco. This product has also been supported by Maytag Jet Clean system. 

Maytag MDB4949SDM dishwasher picture & quick specs :
Maytag MDB4949SDM Semi Integrated Dishwasher
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Decibel Level: 50
  • 16 standard place settings
  • 5 wash cycles  
Determine several important aspects into consideration before making a purchase of a new dishwasher, is one of the main requirements when you want to get the best dishwasher. Costco offers a product or brand that is really known well by all consumers, including all consumers in the United States. Most dishwasher Costco has met all the requirements in accordance with all aspects that I consider.

So I am very confident to recommend Costco products to all readers. In addition, it can be a special birthday gift, I guess, you also can choose one of the three best dishwasher series that I recommend to be used as a new years gift.