January 01, 2017

Before Actually Buy and Use A Countertop Dishwasher, Read This First !!

Welcoming the arrival of 2018, I'm sure you've made some new plans for your family and your home. You may be bored as always clean up a lot of dishes every day by hand, so buying a new dishwasher would probably be your main agenda in the next year. It is a perfect solution, and I hope you realize the plan as soon as possible.

How to use a countertop dishwasher
How to use a countertop dishwasher
As a prospective buyer or a new user, now you do not need to be confused, there are many choices and brands available on the market today. It allows you to choose a model that truly fits your needs with ease. Small dishwasher or also commonly known as a countertop or portable models, is one product that is perfect for a small family with 2 to 3 people. Or also can be selected to be placed on the table in your apartment. Is this criteria describe yourself ? If yes, please continue reading.

To really get a new plate cleaning tool that has the best performance and can be used by more than 3 years, then you need to be really careful and detailed in choosing each product you want to buy. Some things that may need to be considered for choosing, is the price of a product, brand, color options available. In addition, take a longer time to really know the specifications or the technical aspects of each product. There are more than 4 important technical aspects that you need to know, and I've discussed previously here.

After reading the best guide we have published, I am sure you are now getting the right product. So what should you do next ? began to wash, right? wrong !!. In this post we will present some tips on how to use this machine. When you actually apply all the tips, you will get the following benefits:

  • You will be safer when running the tool
  • You will get the right capacity.
  • You will get maximum cleaning results.
  • You can save energy consumption. 

Besides being able to be applied to the dishwasher countertop, these tips can also be applied to larger models. Please see all of the following tips:

Before starting the dishwasher

After reading the user guide book, we can know the whole part of this dishwasher. All control buttons mounted on the top of the front door. Some models are usually equipped with a small LED screen. While the power cable, the inlet port and the drain port on the back panel.

Each product always comes with three standard accessories such as: 22.8" cm drain hose, 22.8" inlet hose, 1 quick connect, 1 faucet adapter, and 6.3 ft power cord. Make sure all accessories are inside the box, if one of the accessories that do not exist, please contact the store.

So before washing really begins, make sure all the accessories are installed properly to prevent leakage. Once all devices are connected. The next step is to enter the plate into the rack.

Each product has a different capacity, you can find out by looking at how many place settings available. when you have a 6 place settings dishwasher, this means that this product can hold 6 cups, 6 bowls, 6 small plates, large plates 6, 6 sets of food supplies, and 2 dessert plates. For more details please see the following picture:

Edgestar 6 Number Place Setting
Edgestar 6 Number Place Setting

Danby Rack Setting
Danby Rack Setting

 To get the best storage, make sure you include all the plates and cutlery corresponding to the number that has been set. Before actually running this tool, make sure you clean up all the leftover food is on the plate.

After all dishes and utensils arranged correctly, then you have to do is to enter the detergent into the rinse dispenser. In this step you need to consider some of the following:

1. Make sure you use a detergent designed specifically for the dishwasher.
2. Each dispenser has a maximum capacity of up to 3.5 OZ, and for normal use, detergents may last for 1 month, make sure the dispenser is always full,
and do not fill it over.
3. Once the dispenser is full, make sure you replace the dispenser cover tightly.

Close the diswasher door tightly !!

Running the machine 

After the door closed, and the detergent is fully charged. The next step you need to do is connect the power cable to the power source in your home. But that this machine can run properly, you need to match the voltage of the product, with a standard voltage in your home. Most of these products come with a voltage of 110-120 Volt / 60 Hz. After ensuring the voltage is appropriate, connect the power cable to the power source of your home.

Next select the wash cycle in accordance with your wishes. This model is usually supported with 6 wash cycles, and each cycle has a difference in terms of the amount of detergent, washing time duration, and amount of energy consumption required. Here we present cycle chart picture of two well-known brands of dishwasher:

Edgestar 6 Wash Cycles
Edgestar 6 Wash Cycles

Danby 6 washing programs
Danby Washing Programs

Note: Do not open the door when the tool is run, because hot water can be scattered out and injure you. Make sure children can not reach this tool.

Some models offer a start/pause button, this allows you to add a dish that might forget to be included. After pressing the button, the dishwasher will stop temporarily, and do not open the door before the spray arm stops spinning. After the door closed again, then this tool will be re-run after 10 seconds.

After completing the washing

Press the button off, then unplug the power cord from the power source, and then close the faucet slowly, and make sure all the water has been flowing out of the drain hose and inlet hose. Do not rush to put out a plate from the rack, after the dishwasher door completely open, you should wait a few minutes until all the dishes and utensils completely in the cold conditions.