December 13, 2015

How to Care the Countertop Dishwasher Filters System

In order for a dishwasher can still offer powerful performance in a long time, then you can do some important things in accordance with the guidelines that I present here. In addition to applying everything that guide, make a schedule for periodic cleaning can also help make the dishwasher to be more durable. Here you will find how to care a countertop dishwasher filter systems. When you want to do the cleaning, make sure you do the cleaning on the following three components:

Filter: Similar to the standard size dishwasher, countertop models are also equipped with a filtration system. The system filters at a countertop dishwasher consists of three parts: the main filter, fine filter and coarse filter.

Main filter is in the lowest position, while the fine filter located in the middle, and the coarse filter located at the top. To view each filter on a countertop dishwasher please see the following picture:

How to Care the Countertop Dishwasher Filters System

Here's the function of each filter:

1. Main filter: Food and soil particles trapped by this filter are pulverized by a special jet on the spray arm and washed down to drain.
2. Fine filter: This filter holds soil and food residue in the cylindrical base and prevents the soil from being redeposited on the dishes during wash cycle.
3. Coarse filter Larger items, such as piecte of bone or glass that could block the drain that trapped in the coarse filter. To remove the items caught by the filter, gently squeeze the tap on the top of this filter and lift out.

Spray Arm: a countertop dishwasher is usually supported by one spray arm of a plastic material or some are already using stainless steel materials. Spray arm on a countertop dishwasher is also located at the bottom of the rack. This component serves to spray water with a pressure jet towards all the dirty dishes in the rack.

Doors: Some important features such as locking features, detergent boxes, box rinse agent, and electrical systems also usually integrated door section. When there is a problem at the door of the dishwasher countertop, then this tool can not work optimally to clean up all the plates and cutlery.

How to clean the filter system correctly ?

Although it looks very easy, but during the cleaning of all components of the filter you should still be careful. Make sure all filters removed properly. The tools you need to prepare is a soft cleaning brush.


Removing the filter correctly: To remove all filters, you simply gripping the handle that is on the fine filter. Then turn the handle to the left or rotate the filter counter-clockwise, and pull the fine filter slowly upwards. After all filters successfully removed, it's time you start the cleaning of each filter section.

Remove any large particles or leftovers that involves or left on the filter. Clean the coarse filter and fine filter with a soft cleaning brush. Ensure all food scraps or large particles nothing left inside each filter.

After the disposal of leftover food and coarse and fine filter cleaning is completed, the next step you need to do is rinse all components of the filter under running water. After all filters really clean, reinstall carefully.

To get the best cleaning performance and results, make sure you check the filter after washing is completed. Make sure you do a periodic cleaning filter 3 to 4 times in every month.

How to clean the spray arm correctly ?

Previously you had to know the function of the spray arm which is installed along with the filter system at the bottom of a dishwasher countertop. Spray Arm consists of a hole drains or what we know as nozzles. Water will be sprayed with a jet pressure through all the holes in the spray arm. When the washing process runs, leftover food or small particles can get into the hole. When all the holes are not immediately cleaned up, there will be a buildup of dirt, and cause blockages. If some of the holes in the spray arm is blocked, then the spraying process will not run optimally.

So you also need to do a periodic cleaning of the spray arm. You can do the same way as when you clean the filter components. Before cleaning the spray arm, then you need to remove this component first.

Spray arm can be removed easily. Once you rotate the spray arm lock to the left then spray arm will separate from the device quickly. Spray arm on some models also usually locked with a bolt, and should use a screwdriver that fits with the locking bolt to release all bolts. To get rid of all the dirt on the spray arm holes, some experts use a toothpick. But you can also do the cleaning with fine wire with a small diameter. After all the dirt that accumulates removed, the next step is to rinse spray arm under running water. Make sure you do a re installation carefully.

How to clean the countertop dishwasher door properly ?

All parts of the door of a dishwasher should be kept in a clean condition. Some residual dirt or food particles are usually attached to the door. In addition, you also need to check and periodically cleaning the door seals. Do not use liquid sprayers or other cleaning fluid when cleaning around the door and door seals. This is to avoid that water does not enter into the electrical components or locking feature, which is integrated in the door. We recommend that you only use a soft damp cloth warm when cleaning around the door. Make sure you clean all the dirt on the door seals, to eliminate the odor.