March 10, 2017

Top 3 Most Recomended Countertop Dishwasher Brands

As a consumer, the brand is certainly an important consideration for me when I want to buy a new product, as well as when I want to buy a dishwasher. Before I actually have this tool, I try to do a short review to find out what brand that provides countertop models.

Countertop or also commonly known as a compact dishwasher without wheels, is one of the alternative models for all customers who have a small kitchen space
so it is not possible to install a fully integrated model there. It is cheaper models but still have the same powerful performance as the standard size models.

In reviewing what I did over the internet, I found a lot of choices. But from all that I have seen, I finally just choose Danby, Edgestar, and SPT, as the three best countertop dishwasher brand I most recommend. When I've really had enough savings, then I am just going to buy one of the products of the three brands.

Here's my five best reasons why I consider Danby, Edgestar and SPT as a premium brand:

  • Has been awarded the energy star certification
Energy Star is an official standard certification granted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the Department of Energy on some products such as computers, priperal, buildings, and including kitchen equipment marketed to several countries like USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and New Zaeland.

These labels are made to reduce the risk of the greenhouse effect and other pollution caused by excessive energy consumption. Certification label is certainly easier for all consumers to identify and determine how the costs of energy consumption of each product.

Every dishwasher who have received this certification, certainly will consume less energy than a 20% to 30% of the requirements of the Federal standard. So this product really provides a great advantage for consumers to save money and actually can protect their environment.

Any product that has been getting this energy saving label certainly have been through a few tests and already meets 7 standard requirements specified by the EPA. Please read how a product to get this label through this link.

Danby, Edgestar and SPT, has been honored by this award. All the products offered by each brand is only consume electricity around 200 to 220 kWh per year, with annual electricity costs less than $ 20 per year.
  • They have an official website
It is one that I will never forget when I want to buy a product over the internet. By knowing the official website of the manufacturer, I can figure out how the credibility of the company that sells the product I want to buy. I can see the history of each company to find out how their experience in making a dishwasher.

The official website also allows me to engage quickly to the manufacturer. And this is very useful when I have some problems in their products that I have purchased, such as warranty claims, repairs, or purchase sperpart can be done easily via the company's website.
  • They have special experience in providing compact equipment
Every experienced company would be able to offer a quality product. In addition to offering quality, experienced company would be able to identify the needs of what is needed by the consumer. They can make a product that is not noisy, user friendly, energy efficient, and safe to use. So that every customer will get a durable product that provides the highest level of comfort.
  • 90 percent of all products offered meets the standard requirements of consumers
Stainless steel tube, 6 wash programs and offer a larger setting, a score below 60 dBA, is the main requirement that is always needed by all consumers including me. Danby, Edgestar and SPT has succeeded in designing a product that can meet the essential requirements, and even exceeds what consumers expect.
  • The products are easy to find through some of the largest online stores.
The company certainly has a high stock availability, so we do not need to worry. And if you want to get the cheaper price, the company has also been working with some of the largest online stores. Amazon as one example. Through this site we can buy this product at a cheaper price than the official price, and every consumer will also get the facility of free shipping costs.

Danby Company Overview

It is the company more than 65 years experience in marketing products such as water coditioner, refrigation, freezers, cooking, and special dishwasher. Opened the first office in Findlay, Ohio in 1992, until 2014, Danby has done a massive expansion to North America. All products are made by Danby is compliant with the official environmental standards such as UL, CSA, NRTL, and ETL. Danby has selogan Designed to fit your lifestyle.

Throughout 2014, Danby has provided a great selection of new dishwasher quality. And DDW611LED is one of the top countertop dishwasher series ever offered by Danby. It is one of the perfect modern kitchen equipment for your kitchen already get energy star label and certainly can survive for years in the home kitchen.

Danby DDW611WLED

Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher White

6 Standard Wash Cylces
6 Number Place Setting
Energy Star Certified
Stainless Steel Tube
55 dBa
120 Volts / 60 Hz
19.7 x 21.6 x 17.2 inches
1 year parts and labor warranty
$200 - $250

Danby Countertop Dishwasher Consumer Video

Edgestar Brand Overview

This is one of my favorite brands. Edgestar is a partner of Living Direct, which is a reputed online retail company based in Austin, Texas, United States. Most Edgestar products designed to meet the needs of consumers who have a super busy lifestyle, so you still can have more productive time.

Edgestar is one of the leaders in the compact equipment sector which offers innovative products that truly designed specifically for small spaces. Besides offering a quality product, Edgestar also actually offer a premium after sales service, such as full customer support ranging from installation to service and much more.

DWP61ES series is one of the flagship models they offer. Supported by the best specifications with rich titanium silver color. It is one of a small dishwasher that has a powerful performance and is perfect for a kitchen countertop. Want to know more about Edgestar countertop dishwasher ? Please visit the following sources :

Edgestar DWP61ES


DWP61ES Countertop Dishwasher Silver

6 Standard Wash Cylces
Six (6) standard place setting capacity
Energy Star Certified
Stainless Steel Tube
Child lock function
Delayed start feature
55±3 dBa
120 Volts / 60 Hz
17-3/16" H x 21-11/16" W x 19-11/16" D
1 year parts 90 days labor warranty
$200 - $250

Edgestar Countertop Portable Dishwasher DWP61ES Video 

SPT (Sunpentown) Overview 

It is one of the company based in Chicago, IL, United States were consistently present products that are eco-friendly. By using SPT products, the company believes that every consumer can save money and save energy consumption. Through the official website Sunpentown, I see this company also offers after sales service, warranty claims, refunds, repairs and consultation can also be done through this site.

SD 2201 series is one of the best products they offer in two colors, namely silver and white. While SD2202 series is one of the highest series that offers a delay start feature. This series is also presented in two color options.

Sunpentown (SPT) SD2201


(SPT) SD2201 Countertop Dishwasher white

6 wash cycles (heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, soak)
Up to 6 standard place settings capacity
Stainless Steel Tube
Energy Star Certified
55 dBa
120 Volts / 60 Hz
21.65 x 19.69 x 17.24 in.
1 year parts 90 days labor warranty
$200 - $250

SPT small table top dishwasher video 

In addition to the brand, is there anything else I need to consider? Some experts suggest also to pay attention to some aspects of other considerations, and previously I've also presents the technical aspects that need to be considered in detail in selecting new compact dishwasher here.

Which one should I choose ? I chose Edgestar countertop dishwasher. I think the products offered by Edgestar has several advantages that can not be found in two other brands. DWP61ES series is equipped with Delay Start feature, and is equipped with child safety features. So how about you ? if you choose the same model ? or you have other options ? please tell your choice through the comments field below.