December 08, 2015

Bosch 18 Inch Dishwasher Reviews

To answer the needs of a best dishwasher needed by all segments of consumers, Bosch offers a great selection dishwasher ranging in size from 18 inches and 24 inches, ranging from the type of fully integrated and semi-integrated.

In the 18-inch dishwasher class, Bosch has offered two latest dishwasher models SPX5ES55UC and SPV5ES53UC. The first model is presented in a stainless steel color, while the second model of bright white.

This is the latest dishwasher offered with special designs and styles that can make kitchen cabinets look more tidy and modern. The first is the dishwasher with handle bar, while the second, the door panels can be replaced in accordance with the available options.
Bosch 18 inch dishwasher SPX5ES55UC & SPV5ES53UC

The exterior is some of the most noticeable differences in the two models. Meanwhile, Bosch certainly complement each 18 inch dishwasher with similar specifications.

Bosch SPX5ES55UC and SPV5ES53UC an 18 inch dishwasher is fully integrated and has been named as one of the most quiet dishwasher that gets the same decibel score below 50 dBA.

This is the best score that will make both of them are not noisy when it starts up and you may not even be able to hear if the machine was already completed work or not. Bosch has added an advanced feature on these two models, namely a feature InfoLight. This feature gives a sign in the form of a red light at the base of the door so that the user can easily determine when the cleaning process is complete.

18 inch energy star dishwasher 

SPX5ES55UC and SPV5ES53UC get energy-saving certification level 1 (Tier 1). Electricity consumption of this product is 259 kWh per year, with total water use in one year only 645 gallons.

With a power consumption that is relatively small and does not use much water, 3 cycles with 4 programs can still provide the cleaning results twice as clean.

In addition, this Bosch dishwasher, also can accommodate dishes in larger quantities in the two upper and lower rack, and features Adjustable rack with Rackmatic 3-stage type is also integrated with the upper rack.

Durable tube that is not easily porous

Equipped with tube type EuroTub / ADA, the tube material used by SPX5ES55UC and SPV5ES53UC is stainless steel. It is a matter of making the same standards across the country, compared to plastic material, stainless steel is believed to hold heat longer, resistant to oil so it is not easy to porous and anti-bacterial.

Very safe

This is the advantage of a fully integrated type. With control buttons are placed on the inside of the top of the door, the dishwasher is not easily accessible to small children.

Besides an exclusive feature called AquaStop Plus is useful for detecting a leak at the base of the dishwasher is also installed on both models. AquaStop Plus  will stop the operation, and will automatically pump water out so it can not make contact with the floor.

Reviews price comparison

Bosch SPX5ES55UC and SPV5ES53UC sold at the same price where the price of this product is $ 999. It is one of the bosch 18 inch dishwasher which is sold at a price that is slightly cheaper when compared with its competitors, namely Miele G4500SCISS, as we all know Miele G4500SCISS equipped with the same specs as the two models.